Faux Wood Blinds

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Faux Wood Blind Offers

Faux wood blinds are perhaps the most affordable wood blinds in the UK. What's more, because of their composition, they are far more durable than traditional wood blinds and are ideal for any room including high humidity rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and even pool houses. 

Faux wood blinds are manufactured using colour stabilised PVCu. This means that they don't absorb moisture and that's why they are so suitable for any room including conservatories. 

The Cheapest Faux Wood Blinds in the UK.

Faux woods are available in a wide variety of natural wood effects, they are so authentic that you'd struggle to tell them apart from real wood blinds. In addition to wood effects, we also offer a large range of solid colours including grey and black. One of the most popular sellers is our white faux wood blinds.  Just Blinds offer the lowest price faux woods in the UK. If you see our products for less, we'll refund double the difference. Our most popular is this Shires blind which we believe to be the cheapest faux wood blind in the UK.  Our prices may be cheap but our quality isn't! 

What Is Faux Wood?

Faux is a French word that means false or imitation. With the world becoming aware of ecological problems we're now starting to understand the effect of deforestation, as a result, faux wood blinds have become one of our best selling ranges in recent years. 

Faux doesn't mean inferior, if anything, you'll find that faux wood blinds offer more than traditional wood blinds thanks to their durability and performance. Real wood blinds are affected by heat and air moisture content. Faux wood blinds aren't affected in the same way hence they are well suited to humid areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. 

Which Is Better? Faux Or Wood Blinds

You can't beat the beauty of real wood, they are the very reason that faux wood blinds even exist. On every front including cost, environment and durability, faux wood blinds are better than real wood. They wont warp, they cost less and they're kind to the environment. 

Are Faux Wood Blinds Waterproof?

The actual slats on a faux wood blind are completely waterproof however, due to the fact that the other components that make up the blind such as the headrail contain non waterproof parts we're unable to say that faux wood blinds are waterproof. What is perhaps more accurate is to describe faux wood blinds as water resistant. This makes them especially suited to areas of high humidty such as bathrooms, wet rooms, swimming pool enclosures etc. 

Are Faux Wood Blinds Expensive?

Compared to real wood blinds, faux wood blinds are relatively inexpensive. Typcially a faux wood blind will cost around 30% less than a real wood blind

Do Faux Wood Blinds Turn Yellow?

Faux wood blinds are UV stabilised against discolouration from the sun. Some cleaning agents may cause discolouration as may outside pollutants such as cigarette smoke. 

Do Faux Wood Blinds Warp?

In normal use, Faux wood blinds do not warp. In high heat situation however and depending on the angle of the slats, the faux wood blinds may become more pliable and susceptible to warping. It's for this reason that we don't recommend using faux wood blinds in high heat areas such as glass roof conservatories.