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Honey Oak Coil venetian blind

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                  How to measure and fit vertical blinds

                  Our vertical blinds couldn't be easier to fit. Your blinds are made to measure so there is no need to cut them to size. Simply follow the instructions that came with your new vertical blinds or watch the videos below. Call us on 01942 863990 if you need assistance.

                  1. Use a steel tape measure for accurate measurements
                  2. Look for obstructions to your blinds; dado rails, window handles and cables etc. 
                  3. Decide whether you want your blinds to fit into the recess (Recess fitting) or outside the recess (Exact fitting)

                  For recess fitting

                  Simply measure your tight recess and we will made the necessary adjustments so that it fits perfectly.
                  1. Width – measure inside the window at the top, middle and bottom. Use the narrowest measurement
                  2. Height – measure the window at the left, middle and right. Use the longest measurement
                  3. For vertical blinds we will make the necessary adjustments to ensure the blinds work within your measurements (usually about 10mm (5mm per side) and 10mm from the drop.) This ensures that the blind runs smoothly within the recess)

                  For exact fitting (Blind Size)

                  Your blind will be made to the exact measurements that you give us in width and height including the headrail. 
                  1. Width – measure the window and add at least 50mm to the recess dimensions to minimise light leakage
                  2. Height – measure the height remembering to include the headrail. The height you give us will determine the size that your finished blind will be from the very top of the headrail to the end of the fabric. 
                  Remember to account for radiators, tables, picture rails etc.
                   For Information on measuring bay windows and Conservatories please contact us on 01744 818200 and we'll be happy to help.

                  Fitting your vertical blinds

                  Vertical Blind Fitting and Cleaning Instructions 

                  Before attempting to fit your vertical blind, please read the instructions carefully

                        Top Fix Brackets                                Face Fix Brackets
                  How to fit vertical blinds

                  Top Fixing Brackets 

                  Fix brackets to ceiling or lintel with holes drilled on a line at least 75mm (3") from the wall or window frame for blinds with 127mm (5") louvers or 55mm (2 1/8") for blinds with 89mm (3 1/2") louvers. End brackets should be about 40mm (1 1/2") from the ends of the track. Any remaining brackets should be spaced evenly between these two brackets. Fit the brackets with the lip as shown in the diagram facing the room.

                  Face Fixing Brackets

                  Fix brackets to wall or window frame as closely as possible to the ceiling or lintel with same spacing as recommended for top fixing brackets.

                  Fitting the Track 

                  Track must be fitted into the brackets keeping controls to side ordered. Locate the small lip projecting from brackets into groove in track. Push track up into brackets. Spring clip brackets will hold your track without further adjustment. If your brackets have retaining screws, these should now be screwed into the other slot in the track. Please do not over tighten the screws. This is unnecessary and will damage the track. 

                  Remove packing material from track, releasing the cord and chain. (Cord control traverses louvers and chain control rotates them.)

                  Fitting the Louvers

                  Turn hooks so that the slots are 90° to the track. Hang the louvers, keeping all seams one way. Your blind is now ready to operate.  Sometimes we will have supplied you with an extra louver; this can be rolled up and stored as a spare. Simply snip the louvre bottom chain with household scissors to detach. If you have ordered a centre opening blind you will need to snip the connecting chain (at the bottom of the louvres) where your blind splits when open.

                  Do not traverse blinds with louvers in closed position. Always turn those 90° to the track before operating cord control.

                  Cleaning Instructions

                  Your louvers may have been made with a special washable fabric. If this is so follow the cleaning instructions below:
                  1. Carefully remove all weights, hangers and chain from slats.
                  2. Carefully stack the slats on top of each other, so that the top edge of each slat is below the previous one, ensuring the edges are in straight and there are no creases.
                  3. Roll the slats up tightly, keeping the edges in line. The finished roll should be no more than 8" (200mm) in diameter. If any larger, then slats should be divided into smaller sets.
                  4. Each roll should be secured firmly, without distorting the fabric.
                  5.  Place one roll inside a pillowcase, then tie the pillowcase securely. Only 1 roll to be washed at a time, using wool setting, @ 40 degrees, using a mild detergent.
                  6.  After removing the roll from the washer and pillowcase, leave in the tied state, standing on one end, for 1 hour to drain.
                  7.  Untie the roll and hang the slats individually to drip dry.

                  HAND WASHING
                  1. After removal of weights, hangers and chains, each slat should be placed separately on a flat surface.
                  2. Wipe gently over the surface using a soft damp cloth. A mild detergent solution may be used if required.
                  3. The slat must not be rubbed or pressed hard.
                  4. Hang the slats to dry individually.
                  N.B Machine and Hand wash
                      Occasionally after washing and drying, stray fibres may appear on the edge of the slats. These should be trimmed off with a sharp scissors.
                       Also, try using baby wipes for small marks.
                  DO NOT
                     Scrub or wash any blinds that were not expressly sold as being washable
                     Iron or hang in direct sunlight until completely dry
                     Dry by placing over a heater or similar heat source
                     Use bleach or any other strong cleaning chemicals.

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